Trekking in Vallecitos and Andes Mountains

Our trekking experiences are perfect for visitors to Mendoza who want to explore the breathtaking landscapes, immerse themselves in local culture, and delve into the rich history and traditions of the region. By joining our treks, you will gain a deeper understanding of the villager’s way of life, customs, and the storied past of this incredible place.

Main Attractions

Our Mountains: Our Mountains: As we venture into the majestic Andes Mountains, we can marvel at the breathtaking transition between the towering high peaks and the lower mountains. The Andes Mountain Range comprises the Frontal Mountain Range and the Pre-Mountain Range, offering a diverse landscape of valleys, rivers, and lowlands. We can witness the dramatic shift in elevation, from 2,000 meters to 6,962 meters, culminating in the Aconcagua Mountain, the highest peak in the American Continent. Each region boasts its unique mountainous beauty, with varying heights and characteristics that make every view awe-inspiring.

An Oasis in the Desert: The Mendoza River flows through the Uspallata Valley and the High Mountains in Mendoza, providing water from both human consumption and agriculture. This river is the lifeblood of the region, supporting the local flora and fauna. The snow-crapped peaks and glacial fluvial system create a unique ecosystem, characteristic of the region. Other important rivers include Las Cuevas, Uspallata, and San Alberto.

Flora: There is a great diversity of native plants with adaptations and characteristics typical of an environment with low rainfall and soils with little organic matter. The mountain plans stand out: jarrillas, cortaderas, chañares, carob trees, coirones, etc.

Fauna: The condor, guanaco, and cordilleran suri have been designated as Provincial Natural Monuments. Other wildlife that can be spotted includes foxes, pumas, lizards, and small rodents, depending on the time of year. Vallecitos and Aconcagua offer excellent bird watching opportunities, making scientific tourism a great way to experience the region’s biodiversity.

“Schedule: Daily. We will arrange a mutually convenient time.”



 • Short Trekking options: (3 hs estimated)


Aconcagua trekking:

"Explore Aconcagua Provincial Park"

• Trek through Quebrada de Matienzo

• Horcones Lagoon trek

Vallecitos located trekkings

• Trek to Veguitas
• Trek to Piedra Grande.
Ascend Arenales Summit (3375 m)

Note: Aconcagua Provincial Park entrance fees not included.

Customizable short treks available in Potrerillos Valley (Las Vegas, Vallecitos, etc.) through Andes Travesías.

Winter snowshoeing option also available!


Season: Year-round.
Schedule: Schedule: Daily morning departures.

Long Trekking: Approximately 7 hours duration.


Itinerary: Main trekking locations in Vallecitos include.

• Trek to El Salto Camp (4210 m.a.s.l)
‘2x1’ Ascent to Adolfo Calle Hill (4210 m.a.s.l) and Stepanek Hill (4180 m.a.s.l) msnm) y Stepanek (4180 msnm).

Season: Year-round.

* Winter special: snowshoeing option available!

Schedule: Schedule: Daily morning departures.

• Trekking with Camps (2 nights and 3 days)


equipped shelter in Vallecitos area with vehicular access for easy easy trekking in Cordon del Plata Provincial Park. 

Logistics :

• Tents, sleeping bags, insulation, and kitchen utensils for camp setup. 

• Arrangements for entry into Aconcagua Provincial Park



Main Trekking Locations:

• Cordón del Plata Provincial Park in Vallecitos Valley.

• Cerro Aconcagua: Trek to Plaza de Mulas.

• Cerro Aconcagua (Trekking to Plaza de Mulas).

Season: Year-round.

* Winter special: snowshoeing option available!

Schedule: Schedule: Daily morning departures.


2023/2024 Season Dates (*) (**)


Trekking 2 nights and 3 days:

- Feb 9th-13th, 2024

- Mar 22nd-24th, 2024

- Mar 28th-Apr 2nd, 2024.




(*) Dates open, while space is available.

(**)You can not and need to explore other dates? Contact us to finding a convenient option for your adventure.